Your finished retrospective or current residential appraisal report will be comprehensive in nature and completed with attention to detail in a professional manner while providing you and your client with a fully defensible report. And if necessary, Ben Horowitz as an Expert Witness is second to none. Mr. Horowitz specializes in meticulous and comprehensive analysis of opposing counsel appraisal reports which have lead to extremely favorable client outcomes.

Trust Administration

Residential Appraisals for: estate tax or settlement; gift tax; trusts; financial planning; guardianship, conservatorship; to establish fair market value or fair market rental value in connection with estates.

Our function is to relieve the burden of the valuation of any residential real property involved in the estate.

Family Law

Family Law attorneys rely heavily on Horowitz Appraisal Service for providing accurate and defensible real property valuations for their divorce case clients with residential real property. We provide appraisal reports that meet or exceed the requirements of the courts and various agencies.  


As an attorney you know that bankruptcy judges look at not only the valuations themselves, but the underlying factual analysis from which the valuations are derived.

That is why attorneys throughout Southern California rely upon Horowitz Appraisal Service for defensible, easy to comprehend and convincing residential valuations.

Non-Mortgage Related Commercial Valuations

Horowitz Appraisal Service produces high-quality commercial appraisal reports for estate planning, trust, divorce, business partnership dissolution, and property tax assessment purposes.

Bail Bond Appraisals

We understand that sometimes a client, family member or a loved one may be incarcerated and needs to post bail by securing residential real property.

That is why when we accept these types of assignments, we are willing to do what is necessary to make your situation our top priority, even same day appraisals are available.

Additional Services

Horowitz Appraisal Service additionally provides residential valuations for Property Tax disputes, Property Mortgage Insurance (PMI) removal, vacant land appraisals, residential property measurement, pre-listing appraisals, etc. Please contact us to discuss your appraisal needs today!

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