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Ben Horowitz, Certified Residential Appraiser.

Ben specializes in retrospective and current valuations for the legal profession and accounting professionals including expert witness testimony.

Rhonda Horowitz

Principal - Administrative Specialist

Compassion and professionalism at it's finest.

Horowitz Appraisal Service

Why choose Horowitz Appraisal Service?

We abide by a code of ethics and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The independence, expertise and experience of Horowitz Appraisal Service are critical to establishing a credible value in a residential appraisal (and the IRS knows the difference). As an attorney,

you have been given a position of trust. We know that you are concerned with doing the right thing and doing it properly and you have inherited the responsibility to act prudently.


Our client list is a "Who's Who" of respected attorneys, CPA's and financial professionals who believe it would be in your best interest to consider Ben Horowitz to value the residential real property, commercial property or land valuation for the case you have been entrusted with.


 Our wide selection of reporting formats allow you to choose just how extensive a report you desire, so that your client is not paying for more of a report than you need or require.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of satisfaction with a friendly, personal touch. You and your client's total satisfaction is always our highest goal.

It is our responsibility to deliver an objective, well supported valuation on each property we appraise. We never lose sight of the fact, however, that your clients are people and they should not be subjected to any unnecessary rude or inconsiderate behavior from anyone associated with Horowitz Appraisal Service.

To that end, our staff contacting your client are patience, have a soothing voice and a pleasant personality. These virtues make for an excellent telephone experience. We are an extension of your practice and good name and we take that charge seriously!

We do our utmost to insure that our staff acts not only professionally but with common courtesy, consideration and compassion.


Call us to discuss your appraisal needs (661) 263-3872 or

(818) 723-7388     Email:

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